Monday, November 30, 2009


Marcelinia Speller
6204 Jasmine Lane
Saraland, AL 36571

Bachelors of History in Political Science
The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Sophomore Classification

Telecounselor January 2008-present
The University of Southern Mississippi Office of Admissions, Hattiesburg, MS
• Call prospective high school students and council them with their college selection process
• Data entry

Office Assistant
City of Satsuma, City Hall, Satsuma, AL May 2006-August 2008
• Assisted with clerical tasks in the office such as data entry, answering the phones, assisting customers at the front desk
• Assisted with balancing the checking accounts, accounts payable, and coordinating special events

• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access
• Ability to multi-task while working on projects
• Great customer service skills
• Well organized with good communication skills

Honors and Awards
• Alpha Lambda Delta
• Phi Eta Sigma
• Leadership Scholarship Recipient
• Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient

• Eagle Connection
• Eagle Ambassadors
Available Upon Request

Marcelinia Speller
6204 Jasmine Lane
Saraland, AL 36571

Mr. Donald Preiss, Coordinator for Transfer Student Recruitment and Telecounseling
The University of Southern Mississippi Office of Admissions
118 College Drive #5166
Hattiesburg, MS 39406
Work: 601-266-5000
Fax: 601-266-5148

Mrs. Vicki Miller, City Clerk
City of Satsuma, City Hall
5464 Old Highway 43
Satsuma, AL 36572
Work: 251-675-1449
Fax: 251-675-1442

Ms. Edith Butler, Assistant City Clerk
City of Satsuma, City Hall
5464 Old Highway 43
Satsuma, AL 36572
Work: 251-675-1440
Fax: 251-675-1442

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greek Life

When I was an incoming freshman student, I can remember my tour guide telling me that she was involved in Greek Life. I remember thinking, what is Greek life? Never in my life before had I heard of the word, other that Greek being associated with the country Greece. When returning home from my tour, I looked up Greek Life on the universities webpage. Instantly, I realized that this was an organization that I wanted to get involved in. I knew that I would be the only student from my high school attending Southern Miss, and I saw this as a great way to meet new people and create close bonds. I had also never had a true best friend, so ultimately I had hoped that from the experience I would be able to gain this.
I attended recruitment which was two weeks before school started. During this time, I visited the houses of the different sororities located on campus. I narrowed my choices down, and was lucky enough to receive a bid from the sorority that I wanted to join. Throughout my freshman year, I began to make friends with different girls from the sorority, but I especially made one friend whom today I call my best friend.

Joining a sorority is not only a great way to meet new friends, but it is also a great way to network, especially when you graduate from college. Our sorority has many alumni who are prestigious members in our community. Sororities also do a lot to give back to their communities. One of the main things is the philanthropic event that each and every sorority hosts. Both sororities and fraternities have certain charitable organizations that they raise funds for. The sorority that I am in sponsors the Children's Miracle Network. Last year we hosted Hoops-A-Palooza and raised money to donate to our charity. We also collected stuffed animals to donate to the hospital. Through our philanthropy efforts, we along with many other sponsors, give children a hope at providing the best medical care for whatever illness they are fighting.

Upgrading our Student Activities Hub

Just recently, the University of Southern Mississippi opened the new "Student Activities Hub". This newly renovated office is located in the hub, across from the post office. This new office is conveniently located, and is a great way for students to find out about all of the different ways they can get involved on campus. The Student Activities Hub contains offices different student organizations:
• Southern Miss Activities Council (SMAC)
• Student Government Association (SGA)
• African-American Student Organization (AASO)
• Southerner Yearbook Student Staff

Southern Miss has over 280 student activities to get involved in. And it is very important for student to take part in some of these campus activities. Studies have shown that students who are active in on campus activities seem to have an overall higher success rate during their time in college. Studies have also shown that universities that have more opportunities for student involvement usually have higher retention rates. Students overall satisfaction with their school can sometimes grow from finding an organization or activity that makes them feel comfortable and wanted. One major part of students staying at a university has to do with finding a click that he or she fits into. Clubs or activities can sometimes create these niches that allow students to feel that they have a sense of belonging.
I know that I have enjoyed being involved in campus activities, and it has provided me with encouragement to keep my grades up so that I can continue to participate in these organizations.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

The University of Southern Mississippi has consistently received national recognition for their International Programs. The International Program was established 1937, and since its operation began there have been more then 11,000 students study abroad. Many students find excuses for why they should or will not study abroad but here are some important facts about the benefits of studying abroad. The study programs are offered in almost every major, and in more than 30 countries. Some of the programs offered include studying music in Austria, Religion in India, Opera in Italy and Spanish in Spain. These are only a few examples of the programs offered though. I will provide a link to the University's International Program website.

After studying abroad, a person has gained cultural experience that otherwise they will never have had to the chance to experience. It is also very important for a person to study abroad if they are entering into a competitive field, because studying abroad will give them an upper hand above the other resumes. Studying abroad also provides the student with a chance to get specialized training in a particular study. For example, studying Spanish in Spain may further help the student speak this language more fluently.
Another important thing that is becoming more available today is financial aid to assist students in their study abroad endeavors. Among the different financial aid programs available are loans, grants, and scholarships. Some of the different loans include Parent Plus loans, Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, and alternative loans. There are also pell grants available for students who qualify. There are many different scholarships that are based on a student's academic GPA, field of study, and need for assistance.